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Erases Eraser
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Erases Eraser Ominous, unnerving, and foreboding noise. Sounds like what is supposed to be a drone album, played through destroyed speakers. The wonderful sounds of hardware failure. Favorite track: Side A.
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Full tracklisting.

Bird of Thunder
Victorian Dance Party
A Partial Fourth
Residential Territory
The Sad Jazz
Harm Chair Fitness

You Can't Make Watusi
Citizen Caning
Garbage Bean Soup
The III of an Unfortunate Family Name
Unhalted (Slightly)


"A collapsed car on the highway with its headlights still beaming begins to be visible in your path. You slow down as you approach the jutted frame, oozing smoke from underneath its hood. You stop and get out. You look around.

You’re in the middle of nowhere, and the car is empty, but the radio is still on. Cuts of static and pings and clinks from the engine are all that’s audible. The sounds seems ordinary in their chaos at first, but a pattern soon develops, almost as if the dying rumbles are synchronized with the black fumes lifting upwards. You stand and watch the car, listening to its innards with a quite detachment.

After finally sitting down to fully witness, listen and think, the radio eventually dies. The smoke’s long since stopped. The sun is setting and the temperature is dropping. You stand up, to relieve your anxieties about location and proximity, and walk back to your car. You grab a pen and some paper, and you begin to write down the licence plate number, the nearest mile marker, and the serial of the wrecked vessel. But the serial is impossible to read. It’s been scratched out many times over. All that’s visible, underneath the scored identification plate, deeply etched in the hull of the vehicle, is “Moulttrigger”."


"Anyone who is familiar with this website knows that Moulttrigger is one of the most well liked and respected artists here. To say that Moulttrigger has become essential to the point where I want to just listen to everything and anything I can with his name on it feels like an understatement. For "Sature" to come in the mail from 5cm Recordings just made my day. I knew this one was going to be something I had to listen to right away and I was quickly shifting around cassettes in my current rotation to make room for it in my every day line up.

Side A begins with what I can only describe as static tones and, yes, I know that the two are mutually exclusive and I've never really heard them combined in this manner before but that is just the limitless potential of Moulttrigger coming through right away. There are patterns next which remind me of a crawling electronic bug of some kind. I wouldn't have otherwise known this to make note of it, but there are some toys out there now called Hex Bugs and thanks to my son and McDonald's Happy Meal toys I think of that.

Static bursts emerge with sharp blips. This helps the transition into an 8bit portion which is accompanied by a drum march. It's not quite the sound of lightsabers and it's not fully the Return of the Jedi Atari game but somewhere in between the two. Mechanical 8bit loops take us through the rest of Side A and it somehow just reminds me of a pinball machine only not your standard one found in an arcade but rather some kind of virtual/electronic one.

On Side B we begin in a wavy wind tunnel. This goes on for some time before we encounter some deeper sounding 8bit tones. There are sonar blasts now and if not for the wind tunnel to start I'd feel like we had been underwater this whole time. Crackling sounds take us into what can only be described as people talking to each other through a drive-thru speaker. Transformers begin transforming, though I always want to call it "transformering" and we end with screechy mice.

Another way to think of the cassette title, "Sature", is to think of something as being filled to capacity, full. I like to make comparisons about how certain cassettes feel like snacks or meals in the sense that some of them- and not based on actual time- just feel like a lot to take in where as others simply feel lighter. Well, as the title suggests, yes, this is more of the feeling of having a lot to process after listening to it than other music."



released March 6, 2015

Moulttrigger is Dave Wren.



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