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  • White C22 Edition of 25
    Cassette + Digital Album

    DS6 dubbed onto C22 white cassettes, edition of 25.

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Recorded and performed by Daniel James Leznoff, Parc Avenue Montreal 2013-2014



'This is the fourth release from 5cm Recordings and to say that I’m a little bit biased about it would be an understatement. While I have no personal connection to it (Never heard of Demonstration Synthesis before now, to be fair) I do know that the three cassettes that came before this via 5cm Recordings were all quite good and thus I expect nothing less from this. I mean, that Soma/Underwater Escape from the Black Hole split opened me up to so many new worlds. Then you get Dhampyr, who again, I had to go and track down all those musics afterwards as well, and BBJr.

“DS6” begins with 1980’s synth type waves, filled with space lasers and I’m thinking of Buck Rogers. There may or may not be a keytar in here, but the overall vibe is definitely that of a sci-fi soundtrack and you must think of that 1970’s into 1980’s science fiction realm which is quite better than how sci-fi is on the whole in modern times. There is also a certain level of ambience to the synth though, which is nice, and it can become rather tranquil at times. Though when it is not hypnotizing me into my happy place, there is a little bit of funk, maybe even soul.

As the synth wave continues through Side B, it brings out something that resembles the ocean but then also becomes somewhat trippy, sort of trance in a way even. I begin to think about what is happening, what time it takes me back to, and how that era could be translated into this, as the soundtrack of a movie or television series. What first comes to mind is naturally “Life on Mars”, which is the closest thing I can get what I’m actually think of for an alternate medium.

Imagine someone like Buck Rogers or Han Solo. Just imagine someone who is sort of this badass space outlaw, but from the 1970’s or 1980’s realm of sci-fi and not modern day times. Now imagine that hero being brought into a 1970’s or 1980’s sort of cop show, only they are the ones who have to help to solve most of the crimes and track down the bad guys. Yes, there will be a lot of people saying “Far out”, especially when that character reveals he is from a different place (But not like Mork) Maybe the show or film could even be titled “Far Out”, I don’t know, I’m not writing that. I do however suggest that perhaps Hollywood should start listening to cassettes since they seem to be out of original ideas, and have been for quite a while.'

-Raised by Gypsies

'Time for another Leznoff, as prized in my collection as a Barry or Tuttle in that of Herb and Dorothy Vogel’s. Each cassette is a new artistic endeavor even if the medium and technique remains true to form. It echoes in the hollowed halls of my museum; black boxes filled with priceless antiquities of a musical evolution across a once dormant format. Leznoff is deft on his synthetic canvas, this time producing a bridge between his deeper, darker work and those of his more fantastical playground of the imagination. DS6 sound like readymades, re-purposed ideas that aren’t fully formed but are not to be left to collect dust. It may not be the darling of dealer but it is a warm embrace and unforgettable piece of the canon any emotional collector will treasure. I am no different. I am able to prune down my belongings well before they swallow me but Leznoff’s work is going nowhere. In it I see a reflection of space and time far greater than the tired irony of future vs. past. This is truly an artform Leznoff is setting off, to be memorialized among the Whitmans and Lehns.'



released June 17, 2014



all rights reserved


5cm Recordings Des Moines, Iowa

5CM Recordings is small time label based out of Des Moines, IA.

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