1. Dystopian States of Amerika
    Patrick R. Pärk

  2. All the Little Critters

  3. Split
    Skin of Earth/Nostromo

  4. Ohio Ballrooms
    African Ghost Valley

  5. Melatoner
    Byrn Paul

  6. Guts

  7. Distance
    Underwater Escape From the Black Hole

  8. Just Beat the Devil Out of It

  9. It Takes a Village to Raise an Imbecile
    Sex Funeral

  10. Koba/Matthew Crowe
    Koba/Matthew Crowe

  11. Days of Grace

  12. lila, branches off we had never loved the world; lila, let's together come conspicuous to each other; o so many fizzled white horsesrunning through your blood's skinny pastures --ne'er did we love ne'er the matter, ne'er it so be thou thine own pastor as you pass below the snow

  13. The linkugu Liyakala phezu fuji

  14. e
    Erases Eraser

  15. Strange

  16. Homage
    Rizwan Porter

  17. A Thousand Echoes
    Underwater Escape From the Black Hole

  18. The Fool
    Person Whale

  19. r
    Erases Eraser

  20. Domestic Violence
    Erases Eraser

  21. Newt Grundy
    Newt Grundy

  22. The Neptune Social Animation, pt. 2
    Henry Knollenberg

  23. Real Men Don't Rape
    Culture Chester

  24. Entropy

  25. Sature

  26. Cotton Epistles : Prologues To A Nonoscillatory Cosmotheosophic Oxycaryum Purge Physics; or, Three Shrinking Butterfly Preludes in C#

  27. One Sound, One Feeling
    I Like You Go Home

  28. Resonance
    Underwater Escape from the Black Hole

  29. All I Have Of You Are Radio Waves
    Underwater Death

  30. DS12
    Demonstration Synthesis

  31. Please Don't Die
    The Muta Scale

  32. Split
    ARU/Underwater Escape from the Black Hole

  33. DS6
    Demonstration Synthesis

  34. Crank Spirit

  35. The Voynich Tape

  36. Split
    Soma/Underwater Escape from the Black Hole


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